The Workforce Investment Act, signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1998, created Local Workforce Investment Boards such as Nevadaworks.  Congress awards funds to Nevadaworks every year for the training of Adults, Youth, and Dislocated Workers.  

In today’s difficult economic conditions, many northern Nevadans qualify to receive training with Dislocated Worker funds, but many are unaware that they qualify.  A Dislocated Worker is anyone who has ever been laid off from a job.  As many know, businesses are forced to lay off employees when they can no longer afford to employ them.  Even if someone was only released yesterday, they qualify as a Dislocated Worker if they can show any kind of document that shows they have been laid off.  Documents could include records of Unemployment Insurance, a letter from the previous employer stating that the position would be terminated or that the company was closing.  Basically, if you have ever been laid off for reasons out of your control, you can qualify for training funds for Dislocated Workers. 

 There are no age, experience, or income requirements.  The only reason that would bar you from qualifying would be if you were terminated for a just cause from your last employer.  If you believe that you qualify for assistance as a Dislocated Worker and are interested in receiving training provided through Nevadaworks, you can contact any one of the training providers described below for more information. 

 Nevadaworks has several current training providers who are serving Dislocated Workers throughout northern Nevada. 

 Career College of Northern Nevada currently has two programs.  One program is training medical assistants.    The Medical Assistants Diploma is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge and clinical skills for gaining entry-level employment in a medical facility.  Healthcare is the fastest growing industry in this economy and it is projected that there will be a need for medical assistants for many years to come.  Another program at CCNN is the HVAC training program.  These students will possess the knowledge and skills to install, evaluate, service and repair residential and commercial HVAC equipment.

 Job Opportunities in Nevada (JOIN) in Ely, Nevada has a program for students interested in training in safety, HAZMAT, ATV, plant identification, map reading, GPS and GIS, first aid, desert survival, solid waste disposal and the recycling process.  The clients in the “Green” program are working in the desert areas around Ely and are potential hires for the Bureau of Land Management.

 Sierra Nevada Community Access Television (SNCAT) is training students in media productions, animation, game development, content management, and program/systems development.  The program is due to be completed in June of 2010 and the students will have achieved journeyman level proficiency in a broad array of communication technology.

 There are other training providers in the northern Nevada area who are serving Dislocated Workers.  Bristlecone, JOIN Carson City, JOIN Elko, JOIN Fallon, ProNet, JOIN Reno, and JOIN Winnemucca can all help individuals locate programs that may be right for them.  You can find contact information for any of these providers on our Training Provider page, or you can contact us.