It is no secret that employers these days have the advantage in interview rooms.  With 13 plus % unemployment in Nevada there are no shortages of applicants for open positions..  Yet in our conversations with these employers it is evident that there are certain applicants that stand out far above the rest, even when education and experience are very similar. 

Employers are well aware of the tough economic conditions facing our nation.  Many of them are also well aware of what it feels like to be unemployed.  The interview room is not the place to discuss the struggles of everyday life.  It is not the place to discuss losing your home.  It is not the place to show how desperate you are for work.  

By the time you have a face to face interview with an employer, there is a good chance that you are qualified for the position given the information the employer has from your resume.  Many times your resume will show how long you have been unemployed, or underemployed, so there is no reason to discuss this unless you are directly asked.  The interview is the time to show the employer that you are just the person that they want working for them everyday.  They are not only hiring you as a worker, but as their co-worker, and positive thinking and positive actions are good for any work environment.  

Local employers have reported to Nevadaworks that it is this positive behavior, including good eye-contact and confidence, that often determines which qualified candidate gets the job.  Job seekers should leave everything else at the door and show the employers and their staff who they will be getting Monday morning.  All job seekers should be able to describe how they have used their time away from work to their advantage.  Elaborate on the skills you have learned, how you served the community, and how you will be a better worker now than you were before.  It’s understandable that you are desperate for work after a year of unemployment.  Employers do not want someone who is just taking a position because they are desperate.  They want someone who is excited about working for their company.  They want someone who is knowledgeable and passionate about what the company is passionate about.  

What attitude do you portray in job interviews?  What tips do you have for someone who wants to show who they really are, not just the situation that they are in?  The answers to these questions will help determine your ability to be successful in the interview.  Be positive and be proactive about yourself.  If you have an interview, the job is there.  Don’t talk yourself into another rejection!