All potential training providers are required to submit a Training Provider application.  You will create an account which will allow you to enter the unique and pertinent information associated with your company.  This information will be saved in the system so if your contact information or other general information changes, you will be able to submit only that which has changed without having to re-type all the other information on the application. You will also be able to “save” partial applications if you are not able to complete it in its entirety the first time.

To apply as a new Training Provider, click here.

Once the Training Provider application has been approved, you will be required to submit Training Program applications for each individual training program that you would like to be included on the ETPL.

To Login to an existing Training Provider account, click here.

After 12 months of being on the ETPL and in order to continue subsequent eligibility, training providers will be required on an annual basis to submit a subsequent eligibility renewal application which will require performance data for each of their trainings listed on the ETPL be provided.

If you require special consideration or have any questions regarding this new process, please contact Nevadaworks at or call Lynda Crawford @ 775-284-1343 or Milt Stewart @ 775-284-1333.

Additional information: TAG 15-2 and State Compliance Policy 1.12



For inclusion on the ETPL as a Registered Apprenticeship, click here.



To use the Nevada ETPL Search Tool, click here. 

Nevada has ETPL reciprocal agreements with the following states:

Trainings that are on the Arizona, California, or Utah ETPL are WIOA eligible in Nevada.