Are you a Job-Seeker, Veteran, or Workforce Professional?

The Department of Labor has issued a comprehensive list of web-based tools to assist you.

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Furthering Northern Nevada’s Plan for Economic Development

Nevadaworks is a regional agency dedicated to furthering the Governor’s economic development plan in Northern Nevada.

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Coordinating Workforce Development in Northern Nevada

Nevadaworks coordinates workforce development to meet the needs of employers in Northern Nevada.

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Service Providers

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Nevadaworks provides funding to qualified service providers who work directly with a diverse population of individuals who are seeking employment, skills upgrading, or who are entering the workforce for the first time. We believe that a strong workforce is the key to a vibrant and diverse economy.

Training Providers

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Nevadaworks, in partnership with the State of Nevada, identifies qualified training providers eligible to receive WIOA Title 1-B funds to provide training services to youth, adult and dislocated workers.

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