Adult & Dislocated Worker Policies

NWP-1101     WIOA Adult Eligibility Requirements Policy

NWP-1102     WIOA Dislocated Worker Eligibility Requirements Policy

NWP-1105     Self-sufficiency Definition

NWP-1106     Underemployed Individual Definition

NWP-1107     Unlikely to Return to Previous Industry or Occupation Definition

NWP-1108     Adult Priority of Service Policy

NWP-1201     Individual Employment Plan (IEP) Policy


Youth Policies

NWP-2101     WIOA Out-of-School Youth Eligibility Requirements Policy –UPDATED 02/11/22

NWP-2104     Youth Exception Policy

NWP-2201     Individual Service Strategy (ISS) Policy

NWP-2501     Youth Work Experience Policy


Adult, Dislocated Worker & Youth Policies

NWP-3101     Failure to Register with Selective Service Policy

NWP-3201     Concurrent Enrollment Policy

NWP-3202     Planned Gap in Service Policy

NWP-3301     Data Entry Policy

NWP-3302     Degrees and Certificates Policy

NWP-3303     Data Collection/Record Retention/Confidentiality Policy

NWP-3401     Acceptable Tests Policy

NWP-3501     On-the-Job Training Policy–UPDATED 2/11/22

NWP-3601     Supportive Services Policy

NWP-3602     Needs Related Payments Policy

NWP-3701     Follow-up Services Policy


National Dislocated Worker Grant Policies

Disaster Relief Employment Forms:


Administrative Policies

NWP-4801     Allowable Costs Policy

NWP-4901     Penalties Policy

NWP-4902     Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) Process Administration Policy

NWP-4903     Tuition and Training Advanced Payment and Refund Policy

NWP-4904     Grievance Policy

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