Policy Committee

Nevadaworks Policy Review Committee mission statement:

The Policy Committee will periodically provide recommendations to the Nevadaworks board regarding current Nevadaworks policies and relevant procedures. The Committee will make these policy recommendations with several goals in mind: compliance with federal and state requirements; operational efficiencies for both Nevadaworks and contracted service providers; consistency and transparency. The committee members will solicit inconsiderate input from Nevadaworks staff, service providers, local elected officials, and relevant compliance experts.


The Policy Committee members will be designated by the Nevadaworks Chairperson and will be notified of policy changes in a timely manner. The Policy Committee will meet on an as-needed basis either in person or by teleconference. Matters can also be reviewed and decided via email. The Policy Committee will provide recommendations to the Nevadaworks board on a simple majority approval basis with the Chairperson casting a tie-breaking vote if needed.

Policy committee documents:

On-the Job Training Policy Documents:

Out-of-School Youth Eligibility Requirements Policy Documents:


Grievance Policy Documents:

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